BBG Academy shares the Government’s determination to raise the levels of pupil attendance at school because good attendance leads to improved outcomes for your child.

At BBG Academy, student attendance is monitored weekly and any frequent or unreasonable absences are investigated.

A 90% attendance rate is equivalent to half a day of school missed every week, which is four whole weeks missed throughout the school year and would mean that a student would miss 120 lessons. National research by the Department for Education has identified that for every seventeen school days missed in a year equates to a whole GCSE grade drop in achievement.


Absence during term time

Due to legislation introduced by the Government last year, we do not authorise any holiday during term time and a £60 fixed penalty notice will be issued by the Local Authority to each parent of each child for unauthorised absence.

If you wish to request  leave of absence during term time due to exceptional circumstances, please complete the form below and return to reception providing as much notice as possible.

Application for leave of Absence – updated September 2017

If your child is very ill and unable to attend school, please ring the academy before 8.30am providing a reason for the absence and the expected date of return. Please contact the school on each day of absence. We will contact home if your child is absent from school without a reason.