Update on remote learning across the trust

BBG Academy Virtual Open Evening


We were absolutely astounded to receive news last week that BBG Academy is the second most thanked school
in the whole country on the Thank A Teacher “Lockdown Heroes” website. We received more than 70 heartfelt
messages from members of our community, which were a very much needed boost for our colleagues at the
end of yet another challenging term. Your messages have all been printed and stuck to the wall in one of our
most used spaces- next to the staffroom photocopier, and it has been a real pleasure to read them and to be
reminded that we all belong to an amazing team.

Change To Summer 2021 Term Dates

I hope you, your families and friends are all well at this time and I would like to take this opportunity to
thank you for your continued support and understanding over the last nine months which have been
exceptionally difficult for everyone.


Mrs Saira Luffman

It is an enormous privilege to serve the young people and the community as Head of School at BBG Academy, and a fantastic time to join in the year the Academy celebrates its first full set of GCSE results and it’s significantly positive national progress measures.

The BBG Academy, as part of the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, is committed to providing opportunities in a school where traditional values of discipline, behaviour and respect are sacrosanct, along with the most innovative, differentiated and state of the art curriculum available.

The Academy instils in all students a “Growth Mindset” which is a belief that intelligence is far from fixed or inherited but an area where we can all improve if we work hard and learn from our mistakes.  This mindset is placed at the heart of teaching and learning and curriculum design and enables our young people to see their experiences within school and beyond as a place to develop their abilities and nurtures them to see challenges as opportunities to flourish.

We have high expectations of our students and staff to deliver the highest standards.  Teachers are encouraged to be imaginative and creative in the classroom in order to create motivational and inspiring lessons.  The cornerstone of our Trust and our reason for its continued success and expansion is “Positive Discipline”, which enables us to reward good progress, behaviour and outstanding work.

These high expectations of both students and staff were recognised in March 2016, when Ofsted graded BBG Academy as a Good school in all areas.  We are extremely proud of this achievement and pleased that the hard work of students, staff and parents has been recognised.  We are not complacent, and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence for the future generations of the Academy.

Mrs Saira Luffman